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Dry-type ferromanganese combination machine

This machine is broadly used in the screening of mineral of middle size fraction and fine size fraction such as ferromanganese ore, ilmenite, siderite, taconite, chromite and mixed accompanying iron mine and so on. The whole machine operates with the cooperation of the left side and the right side; it can dress the mineral of middle size fraction and fine size fraction with high efficiency at the same time, and applies to the mine dressing of large-scale, middle-scale and centralized-type.

Vapor-cooling electromagnetic filter

The machine is widely used in purification of non-metal ores (feldspar, quartz, kaolin, and coal, etc), wastewater disposal in iron and steel industry and thermal power plant, water purification of reactor. It has the distinctive features of good cooling effect, environmental protection, low energy consumption, safety, simple operation, and distinct separation effect. Its handling capacity can reach up to 2 tons per hour, 4 tons per hour, and 6 tons per hour according to different models. Its innovation lies in that for the first time vapor-cooling technology, whose proprietary intellectual property right is owned by our country, is applied to mineral separator equipment.

Wet high-intensive magnetic separator

this separator is mainly used in roughing, scavenging and cleaning of fine-particle low-intensive magnetic ores. It can be used effectively for hematite, goethite, limonite, siderite, chromite, niobium tantalite, titanic iron ore, wolframite, taconite, apatite, xenotime, olivine, renierite, ankerite, biotite, epidote, serpentine and nonmetal iron.

high-voltage electric separator

High-voltage electric separator, one of the main equipments for electric separation, is a separation method relying on the different electrical properties of all minerals and materials in the nature. The common minerals, for example, ilmenite, magnetite, cassiterite, and native gold, have good conductivity property while quartz, azurite, feldspar, calcite, scheelite, and silicate minerals don't, then the electric separator adopts their different electrical properties to separate. When it is employed in conjunction with single-disk magnetic separator and permanent-magnetism separator in the process flow of dressing titanium-zirconium minerals, better effect can be achieved.

Dry Combination Dry-type Permanent Magnetic Separator

This machine is widely used for the fine-grained level and medium-grained level separation of manganese iron ore, ilmenite, siderite, itabirite, chromite, and mixed iron ore. The machine adopts two levels of left and right working coordinately, which is able to perform the high-efficiency separation of the fine-grained and medium-grained minerals simultaneously, applying to the beneficiation of large or medium scale or centralized mines.

Wet-type Downstream Permanent Magnetic Cylinder Separator

The model of this series is specially designed for the rough and sweeping separation of minerals at the first and second flow stage. 1. The refined ore is at high-grade, and the magnetic cylinder adopts small polar distance and multi-pole magnetic system to increase the frequency of magnetic flipping, so the impurity-removing is more effective. 2. Increase washing water for high-grade ore to boost the impurity-removing from the high-grade ore, effectively improving its quality. 3. Large angle magnetic system design can effectively extend the length of the separating zone, promoting the mineral recycling rate. 4. The magnetic field is more stable, adopting high-quality magnetic material, advanced techniques, and large-angle production to ensure the separation effect. 5. The frequency conversion control techniques driven by double powers are energy-saving, labor-saving and more economical to maintain. 6. Flow-type manufacturing with high-performance configuration and the equipment is durable. 7. The induction roller demineralization technique can separate the high-grade ore faster and make the mill tailings cleaner.

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