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CFD-Series Multifunctional Filling & Sealing Machine

Function: This machine integrates machine, electricity and gas together. It can complete cup feeding, filling and sealing (automatic flowing or fixed quantity), cutting, material withdrawing, scrap-film collection and liquid level control during the production process. It is also attached with photoelectrical device to ensure the perfection of each pattern. Therefore, it achieves an automatization producing process. Purpose: It is suitable for packing medicine(granule ), liquid, jam, jelly etc of different sticky degree. Meanwhile it can fill one/two/three-color jelly. Feature: It is suitable for solids material, and different denseness of liquid/sauce, one/two/three color of jelly and so on. We shall design the shape and size of the cup according to our customers.

ZCF-DX Automatic Inject Filling & Screwing Top Machine

Performance: This machine integrates machine, electricity and gas together. It is a special machine for producing lid-tighten type self-stand bag. It is suitable for all kinds of liquid, semi-liquid such as juice, milk with juice, milk with tea, jam, jelly and so on. Except for bag handing by manually, all the other actions like rinsing, filling, lid putting and tightening,and bag withdrawing are completed automatically. Feature: Accurate ration, compact tightening, good hygeian quality.

ZX-300 Three-side-seal Automatic Packaging Machine

Purpose: It is suitable for foodstuff, chemical products, seasoning (such as medicine, chocolate bean, candy, plastic ball) and so on. Feature: It equips the feeding system of counting, measuring etc. The finished products present in the shape of triangle, it is very novel and unique. ( seal format of bag can be 3-side-seal and back-seal)

ZX-300II Heteromorphism Butterscotch and Bubble Gum Production Line

It is suitable for producing all kinds of shapes of cream candy, hard candy and bubble gum. This production line is composed of stirrer, extruder, conveyance belt, heteromorphism candy or bubble gum stamping machine (six sets), coating pan (six sets). It can produce many shapes of candy, such as hollow, sandwich and filling-with-pulp candy in the shapes of ball, strawberry, oval, column and so on.

ZX-320C High speed Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Purpose: It is a fully-automatic trimming & packaging machine that integrates the packaging of rectangle, square, oval, special-shaped candy together. Functional feature: It adopts computer programing and quick photoelectrical trailing. The speed regulation by converter can ensure a stable and automatic operation. Its extra-large overturning candy tray can ensure a best effect on packaging quality. The whole machine features in excellent performance,simple operation and high-speed package.

ZX-400 Series Automatic Packing Machine

This series of packing machines can automatically complete the whole acting process of bag making,measuring,filling,sealing,code printing,easy torn cutting,cutting and counting etc. ZX 400Y liquid automatic packaging machine It is suitable for packing small bag of liquid,pastes, Jam material which are runny and excluding residue (like liquid medicine,edible oil,alcohol,shampoo,cold cream,yellow jam,sweet noodle jam,chocolate jam,pesticide latex etc). the packing format of finished products are three-side seal or four-side seal flat bag. ZX 400F Series Powder Automatic Packaging Machine It is suitable for small bag of powder material which is not runny (like milk powder,soy milk powder,farina,medicine powder,pesticide powder,coffee powder,seasoning etc). the packing format of finished products are three-side seal or four-side seal flat bag. ZX400K Granule type automatic packing machine is suitable for packing small bag of runny granular material (for example: monosodium glutamate, sugar, solt, herbal granule,solid granular beverage,vegetable seeds,seeds,dryer etc.)

ZX-460type Servo Multifunctional Horizontal

Automatic packing machine is multifunction herizontal automatic packing machine that is consists of microprogramming control system, auto tracing system, etc. It is automatic to finish the packing processes from feeding、making bag、filling、sealing and cutting etc.the length of the packaging bag is stable and the picture on package is nice,under the tracking and control of the photoelectric system.It is suitable for packing foodstuff and other things,especially suitable for the bigger packing of quick refrigerant foodstuff and pallet goods. Features: ? Controrlling with optical and electrical exam system,and display. ? machine speed,cut-off length and quantity and be displaied. ? It user computer to control,and in 10 package,automatic to control length,electrical correct,picture on package is nice. ? The sealing way is inltial in china,sealing and cutting adopt the way of verticality and recycle.The lower cutter is not usea.The cutter does not touth hardly,so the cutter is durable. ? Simple and precisely construction. ? Wide range of package specification,bag dimension formmer is adjustable,it is suitable for vartous packing specification which in the range of packing size.

ZX-500-Series Automatic Liquid (Ropiness) Packaging Machine

Purpose: Suitable for package of foodstuff, medicine, daily chemical articles, chemical products (For example: shampoo, edible oil,instant noodles,chocolate jam, fruit jam and seasoning sauce and so on) Feature: The packaging form of the products is one bag, dual bags, 3-side-seal and 4-side-seal etc. It adopts high-precision piston pump and a feeding system by take-out and push-down. It ensures an accurate ration and a convenient way of quantity adjustment.

ZX-600 Production Line for Chocolate

Descripiton: This machine is suitable for re-crashing the chocalate blocking come from grinded pulp to powder again. so it is the main supporting equipment for producing high-quality chocolate in different shapes (For example: circular piece, bean shape,ovlive shape and so on) Feature: The machine features in high output, automatic feeding, quick reset,and automatic filtrating.

ZX-620 Xylitol and Chewing Gum Production Line

Description: This equipment is suitable for xylitol, chewing gum producing. It is an automatic production that integrates stirrer, extruder, six-roller table, forming, cooled conveying cabinet, granule forming machine, coating pan, coloring together. It can produce different shapes of candy, such as square, rectangular, slice form etc. This machine features in reliable performance, simple and flexible operation, high automation. It is one of the best production line for xylitol and chew gum.

ZX-680 Cream Candy & Bubble Gum Automatic Forming Production Line

Description: This equipment is a new production line that integrates forming, cutting and packing together. It is suitable for producing cream candy, bubble gum. It takes the advantages of high production efficiency and low inferior rate. It can produce all kinds of shapes and specifications products as your requested. For example, slice form, rectangle, rotundity and many other shapes of chewing gum, swiss candy filling-with-pulp, etc.

ZX-680A Blocking Horizontal Packaging Machine

Description: This machine is a horizontal packaging machine that integrates cutting and packaging togetehr. It adopts converter to adjust the speed and whole computer control.It is suitable for candy in square, rectangle and column shape. Features of this machine: 1.Fully automatic control by microcomputer. 2.Automatic streamline to improve efficiency and sanitary condition. 3.High precision, high seal and high stability. 4.Low noise of belt conveyance.

ZX-700 I Automatic Packaging Machine for Jelly Bar

Purpose: Suitable for package of beverage, seasoning (liquid), (For example: jelly, sour milk and so on). Features: The finished products present round drum shape, the seal of the products is dentiform.

ZX-800-1 Vertical Form with Filling & Sealing Automatic Packaging Machine

Performance: ● It adopts Mitsubishi PLC controller and interface, ensures ease of operation. ● Electronic temperature controlling. ● Servomotor is loaded for double film pulling belt. ● Mark sensor (photo eye ) for registration film. It is suitable for solids material such as granule, powder, chips, candy, snack food, small piece of hardware, pet foods, green vegetable(cutting), frozen foodstuff, seeds and so on. It equips a rationed feeding system controlled by microcomputer weigher. You may choose the device like inflating(air or nitrogen), easy-torn sealing, exhausting, punching and so on.

ZX-A-Series Automatic Packaging Machine For Electronic Weighting

This packaging system is an automatic production line that consists of a Z-shaped take-up conveyor, 10 heads (or 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 heads) microcomputer weigher, operating platform, packaging machine, and finished-product conveyor. It is suitable for all kinds of beans, grains, seeds, pet foods, frozen/deepfreeze foods, snack foods, bulk material and so on. It can be selected different kinds of equipments such as date printer, inflating (air or nitrogen), easy-torn sealing, air exhausting, and punching. This machine features in advanced technology, convenient operation, good hygeian quality and efficiency. It is the best choice for you.

ZX-Series Back-seal Type Automatic Packaging Machine

Performance: This machine can automatically complete a series of actions, such as bag making, counting, filling, sealing, separated cutting, fixed-number cutting, synchronous inflating, code printing ( code printer shall be equipped), and finished-products conveying. Purpose: Suitable for packaging of foodstuff, chemical products, medicine, seasoning (For example: puff drying foodstuff, chips, washing powder, sugar, nutlet, peanut, melon seeds, small piece of biscuit and so on).

ZX-Series Four-side-seal Automatic Packaging Machine

Purpose: Suitable for package of foodstuff, chemical products, medicine, seasoning (for example: melon seed, chicken essence, peanut, candy, non-sticky powder and so on). Feature: The seal of the finished products are four-side seal, and seal is beautiful and regular.

ZX-Series Three-side-seal Automatic Packaging Machine

Purpose: Suitable for package of foodstuff, chemical products, medicine, seasoning (for example: oatmeal, soy milk powder, herbal granule, non-sticky powder and so on). Features: The form of sealing is three-side seal.

ZX-Series Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Description: This machine is suitable for packing various solid regular objects such as cake, moon cake, bread, instant noodle, biscuits, candy, medicine, commodity hardware or any other product loaded by box/tray. Feature: The capacity and the length of bag take double frequency converter control with step-less speed shift and wide adjustment, it can match well with the former working procedure of production line. Highly sensitive respond electronic-optical device can follow automatically and accurately. It is not necessary to adjust manually after setting independent temperature controlling for tight sealer makes the beautiful and tight sealing and suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing material.

ZXC Series Fully Automatic & High-Speed Vertical Vacuum-Filling Packaging Machine

Description:This fully-automatic production line is a organic whole which is composed by Z-Shape 90°take up conveyor,10 heads (or more than 10 heads) microcomputer combination weigher,operating flat,packing machine & finished products conveyor. It is suitable for vacuum packaging of various kind of vegetables,meat foodstuff,seafood,Jam making products (like meat pill,boiled dumpling,pickled vegetables etc) This machine features in advanced technology,convenient operation,good hygeian quality and efficiency.It is the best choise for you.

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