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In Pickup truck, we have Pickup Alter , it is a new concept Pickup. On the 2006 auto exhibition in Detroit, we learned a lot of new Pickup designing and the method of how to satisfy diverse markets around the global. Alter of Gonow is a kind of new Pickup truck developed to be a global standard for next generation. Sturdy, stylish, and component design is in our mind to be considered. In the 21st century, We designed a Pickup truck group, TROY, ALTER, FAN to satisfy different customer's taste and to meet needed. By our spirit of innovation in design which will outstrip its competitors in the next generation Pickup truck, we have achieved a lot in the field and we will continue to do our best to develop style of Gonow, Alter has been injected the design of new pickups of all over the world Pickup truck makers! To show strong and stylish enough.


Gonow's SUVs include SUV GX6, SUV Jetstar, SUV New Jetstar, with powerful engines, competes all against all the new SUVs of making in China, Gonow SUV was completely redesigned for the 2006 model year, we learned more from new international model, Gonow SUVs GX6, Jetstar, New Jetstar, have new steering, new style, new suspension, and new brakes, all of which were vastly improved over the previous-generation. New SUVs of Gonow is stronger and quieter than previous SUVs of China, and more comfortable, driving better. The seats fold flat for taking break, and the interior is roomy, More important, it's a much safer All SUVs of Gonow offer a smooth ride and decent handling for such big, heavy SUVs. With Mitsubishi 4G64 Multi-point EFI Gasoline Engine , the SUVs of Gonow are rated to tow and carried up to thousands pounds. And they have earned the best possible impact protection of China government's crash tests, black mat front bumper has inner support to improve the impact resistance. Black painting around car body is showing noble, luxurious genuine leather seats only can be found in luxurious cars, but you can have them when you own a SUV, GX6.big screen DVD with hi-stereo 4 speakers. The sound is like in music stadium. The back radar and thermometer have been installed. SUV GX6 give you more than off-road driving, it is life partners.


New Jetstar

GS50-II is GONOW main export SUV production.


Gonow makes you be easy to like Pickup Troy. Troy has a powerful engine, good looking bodyline, sturdy body shape. When you want to cruise around everything on the road, uphill and down, unloaded and loaded, Pickup Troy can give you guarantee to make you feel comfortable. AT present, Gonow offers 5-speed manual, namely 4x4, 4x2, pickup Troy and Mitsubishi 4G64 Multi-point Efi Gasoline Engine is installed as well. Gonow Pickup Troy is well designed with comfortable interior driving room and plush seats. All the controls are thoughtfully and intuitively placed. And the instruments are positioned as well. However, it handled well on freeways - surprisingly well. The off-road suspension gives you more un-tremble fun. Troy is made by China Gonow, pickup, SUV automaker. It is fun to drive pickup trucks, and comfortable enough to drive pickup Troy as well. In short, we found that the Troy, is a great pickup truck!


New Pickup, it had equiped with GA491QE gasoline engine or 4L20TDI diesel engine


GA6530 minibus is made by China automaker, Gonow. It is designed for both international and domestic minibus market. The sample bodyline gives people bright impression. It is popular with international customers. The cost has been considered. Gonow minibus is economical type. They have integrated such features as: (1) GA6530 the interior is roomy and 14 passengers are available. (2) Making you feel bigger inside with blue sample and bright decoration. (3) Taking in fresh air from outside trough the vent. (4) Front head is stylish designed according to 2006 model year. (5) GA491 gasoline-powered 2.237L engine, four cylinders with water cooling, Power is up to 75KW.


Gonow minivan that was manufactured by the Gonow automaker, China automaker, from 2006 until today(2008). We are keeping on making the minivans. It took in other minivan's advantages for2006 model year. The design accommodated Gonow strategy to market international marketplace. Gonow minivan can accommodate up to seven passengers and features an electronically controlled 5-speed shift gears, the Gonow minivan was available with two gasoline-powered. At the same time, we have designed the economical model minivan, and focused on the vendors all over the world. We offer the vehicles to save your cost. China has so much vehicle source for making competitive price of minivan and minibus. We have over 100 photos in our photo gallery, if you want any part of this minivan or minibus, not hesitating to contact us. We will send you immediately.

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