Welcome to Canton Medical Fair – online exhibition from October to December 2020

Canton Medical Fair offers you a unique import and export experience due to COVID19.

Here, at Canton Medical Fair, there are over 1000 exhibiting medical manufacturers in China with expanded capacity, wide range of international certifications, even ready to ship stocks.

Why Choose Online Medical Fair?

Save air tickets, accommodation, transportation expenses and a lot of travelling time

Many countries have set a compulsory quarantine period of 14 days for visitors

Connect with over 1000 certified manufacturers

Sit back in VIP lounge and browse ready to ship stocks from manufacturers

100+ Lawyers Safeguard

Our lawyer team consists of over 100 international and local Chinese lawyers, making sure deals and agreements online are legally binding in China and worldwide

Customs Clearance Guarantee

Our logistics team is familiar with rapidly changing customs rules during pandemic, we guarantee freight’s clearance if all required documents are met


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New Coronavirus Cases in 24 hours

United States 55412cases
India 54044cases
United Kingdom 26694cases
France 26469cases
Brazil 23227cases
Spain 16973cases
Argentina 16337cases
Russia 15444cases
Italy 15199cases
Poland 10040cases

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Over 1000 medical manufacturers are ready to offer you the latest prices for COVID-19 related products, its a fast and effective way to get insight medical international trading offers, you will also be able to enjoy our value-added services!

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