Former Real Madrid football club Vice-presidents Dies of Coronavirus

Former vice-president of Real Madrid Amador Suarez has died from the coronavirus. The 76-year-old died after combating the virus for 41 days. Earlier, former president Real Madrid Lorenzo Sanz also died from the same coronavirus.

Amador Suarez, who had been a Real Madrid member since 1964, was Real Madrid vice-president during Ramon Calderon’s time as president between 2006 and 2009.

Suarez lived in San Sebastian with his wife, who was also diagnosed with Covid-19 but has since recovered.

Lorenzo Sanz, Real Madrid’s president for five years from 1995 until he was replaced by Florentino Perez, died on March 21 after falling ill with coronavirus.

Another former Real Madrid president, Fernando Martin, ended up in intensive care after being diagnosed with Covid-19 but managed to pull through.